Recommendations Coaching

“Roger had a number of conversations with our son. Easily accessible and in a friendly setting. With a few simple tips, our son received help to be able to steer himself more and thereby find more peace. No more than necessary, but with results A pleasant experience for us! ”
5 april 2017 – Berend-Jan Molijn

“I know Roger as a professional and cordial colleague who takes time to listen carefully and think along. Despite his in-depth experience and affinity with developmental psychology (PhD), didactics and coaching, he has a down-to-earth approach that offers practical tools for anyone who is willing to come up with solutions. “
9 november 2016 – Daisy Klinkers

“Roger is a very skilled psychologist, who has provided my family with excellent advice about our five year old daughter, who is a talented child, but had some challenges in adapting to the school system. Roger is very good at observing children and their interaction with parents and others and gives honest and hands-on feedback. Above all, Roger is a very friendly and kind person to communicate with, someone you can fully trust. It was a pleasure to work with Roger. “
7 oktober 2016 – Arvid Hoffmann

“We ended up with Roger through a social worker because our son shows oppositional behavior. His behavior affected our entire family and we were distraught. Roger has accompanied our son with this problem. He has also asked our family members several times. Roger helped us find solutions and worked to improve communication within our family. After six months, our son’s behavior is clearly better and there is more harmony in our family. “
3 juni 2019 – R.M.

“From birth we have had trouble contacting our son J. He didn’t respond much to us. It seemed as if he was in his own world. Because our daughter had piano lessons with Roger and we heard that he is a psychologist, we asked if he could mean something to J, then 3 years old. Maybe something with music and coaching. Roger accepted this challenge and worked with him for 2 years. After six months Roger managed to get in touch with J. and eventually J during a student concert played a later piano piece that he had studied with Roger, later it turned out that J was autistic, which was established by the psychiatrist where J was examined for his development.
9 juli 2019 J.W.