Recommendations Piano Lessons

“We are very satisfied with the piano lessons. Dewi has been playing for almost 2 years now and she still loves it a lot. Roger looks closely at the child and ensures that there is always a challenge that is just not too high, which keeps it fun. ”
22 juni 2017 – Kimberly van Berne

“I had a very nice and educational time with Roger. From the age of 8 to 22 I took keyboard / piano lessons once a week and they were always fun lessons. Roger knows what he is doing, very patient and explains everything good choice Also choosing and playing your own music is no problem and that made it extra fun for me My friend also wanted to play the piano and I recommended Roger .. he also thinks the lessons are great and he never thought he was able to play the piano in such a short time .. We definitely recommend Roger! ”
20 juni 2017 – Vera Speycken

“Roger Brakelé’s lessons were very well organized. He pays full attention to the student and has a listening ear. The lessons are completed in an authentic way in a way that suits the student; he takes into account everyone’s individual wishes. Roger clearly has a lot of knowledge of his field and knows how to convey it in an interesting, motivating and inspiring way. In short, his classes are great, he has the heart in the right place and I don’t regret taking classes with him at all! Super!”
15 juni 2017 – Esmée van Mierlo

“Dear Roger, I spent an unforgettable time with you during my piano lessons. I gained access to classical music through your discipline, learning to relax, forgetting everything around you and just playing the piano and concentrating the lesson! Always perfectly prepared, even meets your favorite music preferences! Do you remember? Apart from classical music, from Enya to Celine Dion to Patricia Kaas, everything was there! It was just perfect! At the time, you even fulfilled my wish to have lessons at a grand piano! “
2 mei 2017 – Roger Römkens

“Very professional way of teaching in a relaxing way! Recommended! The annual play days are also great fun!
2 mei 2017 – Ed Offermans

“After 30 years of not really playing the piano, I ended up at Roger 4 years ago through a social deal. It convinced me to take lessons again. I still had the idea of getting lessons as it used to be. Studious scales and etudes, which I did not like as an adolescent and which made me quit. With Roger you will receive tailor-made lessons. You play what you like to play, and Roger never loses his temper. I therefore hope to be able to receive lessons for many years to come. ”
2 mei 2017 – Annemie Kivits

“Our entire family has had lessons with Roger. The oldest daughter with the most success; but also the most discipline! Roger still plays the piano with great pleasure. ”
27 maart 2017 – Anja Winkens

“Fun and educational lessons!”4 januari 2016 – Esra Bemelmans

“It has always been my wish to learn to play the piano. In March 2009 it really came about, piano lessons with Roger. First started on a digital piano to see if I liked it and if I was a little under I immediately liked it very much and I also made rapid progress.I have had an acoustic piano since the summer of 2009. I got my first degree in 2010 and my second in 2011. It is still going very well and Roger is a very calm person who teaches in a very good way without him, I would never have reached this level in this short time. In the meantime I play pieces at the fourth degree level. at the age of 38. Thank you Roger! In my opinion Roger really teaches you how to play the piano! “
18 februari 2013 – Saskia Heldens

“We highly recommend the Pianoschool Heerlen. We are Americans who lived in the Limburg area a few years ago. Our youngest daughter took lessons from Roger and her piano talents bloomed under his instruction. The two of them bonded very well and created ways to challenge her musical development. As her father, I miss hearing her play the piano especially the very advanced pieces. She has since graduated from university, gotten married and is now in her own professional career. I know that the Pianoschool Heerlen contributed to her overall educational and professional development and who she is today. Thank you Roger!”
17 februari 2013 – Jim Hallahan

“We have been extremely happy with Mr Brakele’s teaching from the very first lesson. He was a great teacher and coach. His explanations are very clear and stimulating. Besides, what’s special about him is that he does make a study plan so that you know where you are going, you have a clear goal to achieve. He is able to adapt his teaching to every student’s profile. He helped one of our daughters pass the entrance examination for the Young Pianists Talent Class at the Maastricht Conservatorium. He was able to identify that this would be the right music education for her and then trained her for success. We shall always be grateful for that. Our second daughter plays the violin as a first instrument, and he was able to improve her piano level a great deal. Good piano teachers are difficult to find and we highly recommend him for students of all levels, ages and goals.”
November 13, 2012 – Nathalie and Jean-Marie Lhermenier

“We are so pleased that our daughter studied piano with Roger for four years (2007-2011). He was a great teacher for her during these years, focusing on dynamics, which was what she needed most at this time in her training. He was instrumental in helping her develop as a pianist and also helped her prepare for her audition to an arts high school in the U.S., where she currently studies. Thanks, Roger!”
September 5, 2012 – Suzanne Roberts

“Between the ages of 11 and 13 (2001-2003), Roger Brakele was my piano teacher. My family is American, and as a child living in a foreign country for those years, I don’t think it would have been possible to have a better teacher. Roger is not only a phenomenal pianist himself, but he is truly a gifted teacher. It was extremely evident that he put a lot of thought and effort into how he could best teach each student as an individual. Growing up I hated piano lessons and did not excel very much. However once I started taking lessons from Roger, I grew to not only love playing piano, but excelled tremendously as a pianist. I attribute this completely to his skills and effort as a teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
Mai 9, 2012 – Anna Christine Hallahan

“From the very first moment, we have been very satisfied with Roger’s work; nowadays, Roger is piano teacher for three family members.”
January 5, 2012 – Ron Winkens

“Roger is a great teacher and coach when it comes to improving playing techniques on any level of playing, with emphasis on personal preferences, level of talent and style. In the 5 years that Roger coached me on weekly basis he helped me getting better and better by streching my abbilities to my own needs and speed. Furthermore he is a very nice person.”
September 22, 2011 – Sebastiaan de Reede

“For more than 20 years, customers who have bought and / or rented a piano from Muziekhuis Guus Arons have been going to Roger, among others. keeping students busy, stimulating and above all motivating, Roger can do this like no other!
He also regularly organizes play days, where everyone can play their part. This completely provided with a snack and a drink.
Both my father (Guus Arons) and I have recommended Roger as a private teacher since the late eighties. On to the next 20 years! “

September 14, 2011 – Jeroen Arons

“I have been a student of Roger for many years now and I made a very conscious choice for him at the time, after speaking to a number of other piano teachers. What I particularly appreciate about Roger is his inexhaustible knowledge of the entire piano literature, the history of Western music from early Baroque to contemporary, teaching methods and above all its practical attitude Many teachers have a somewhat floaty, almost mystical attitude to the phenomenon of pianistics that I personally do not like very much Roger is capable of new tips every time, to pull techniques and advice out of his closet to take his students a step higher on the ladder, without losing sight of the emotion, which is music in the end, and it is obvious that the piano (better his grand piano) is the most important thing in his life, after Lisa and Nancy of course… “
September 6, 2011 – Rob Braam

“Since December 2009 Roger has been my piano teacher. He is a very good pianist and also has excellent didactic skills. I am free to make music choices and to develop in a direction that suits me best. Taking into account talents and shortcomings, Roger leads me to achieve my musical goals.This is done in a professional and enjoyable way.Every lesson turns out to be both fun and educational.Even if I haven’t had time to play the piano, the lesson is helpful “Thanks to Roger the piano playing has improved a lot. In addition, my general understanding of music has deepened: a musical world is slowly opening up. In short: Roger is a piano teacher that I recommend to everyone!”
September 1, 2011 – Paul Fieten

“I highly recommend Mr. Brakele for students of all ages. Our daughter has taken piano lessons from him from age 9 until age 11, and has learned a great deal. He combines great patience and a pleasant demeanor with high expectations to achieve wonderful results. I have often wished my job left me time to practice myself, so I could take lessons from him, too.”
August 23, 2011 – Carol Banks