Autism and giftedness

If you have autism or are you gifted, you will receive support that is adapted to your specific abilities as well as your possible limitations. So I pay more attention to those things that are more difficult for you. This of course happens at your own pace. This way you can learn to play the piano with great pleasure at an optimal pace, while your limitations can also change positively.

Autism and piano lessons
Playing the piano has a positive influence on the development of the brain. This has a therapeutic effect in people with autism. Besides learning to play the piano well, my therapeutic approach has a positive influence on the empatic development in people with autism. This will allow you to deal better with emotions and social situations if you have autism.

During my master study in developmental psychology, I researched the influence of playing the piano on autism. The conclusion was that playing the piano has a therapeutic effect in people with autism.

Giftedness and piano lessons
If you are gifted, you do not need more teaching material. You want to have a lesson that suits you as a person. That is why I look carefully at your options, wishes and limitations. Then I work in a way that suits you, so that you can develop optimally with pleasure and at a pace at which you feel comfortable.