EPTA National Piano Exams

For every student who wants to know what his / her pianistic and music-theoretical level is, there is the possibility to participate in the National Grades Exam Piano (LGP) of the EPTA. EPTA Nederland is an association of professional piano teachers and pianists, with the aim of increasing the level of piano playing and piano education. In contrast to the grading exams of the local music schools, the requirements of an EPTA grade examination are the same throughout the country. This has finally set a standard so that everyone in the Netherlands talks about the same level at the same degree.

If the student wants to take an LGP exam, he will be prepared for both the practical and the theoretical part of the exam.


Sophie Luja – A1
Lisa Brakelé – A1
Duru Yüksel – A1
Dewi de la Roy – A2
Jens van Putten – C1

Dewi de la Roy – A1
Victoria Temel – B1
Alyssa Temel – B1
Esmée van Mierlo – B1
Lies Hodes – C2

Victoria Temel – A2
Alyssa Temel – A2
Irene Kramer – A2

Victoria Temel – A1
Alyssa Temel – A1
Ersa Bemelmans – A2
Azra Alatepe – A2
Castor Timmermans – A2
Lies Hodes – B

Tom Noorhof – A1
Jens van Putten – A1
Lies Hodes – A2
Castor Timmermans – A2

Lies Hodes – A1
Anne Marijke Kramer – A2
Dion Latten – B
Lex Houtermans – C

Milan Merckelbagh – A1
Marie-Hélène Amory – A2
Lex Houtermans – B

Marie-Hélène Amory – A1
Kelly Pötgens – A1