About Me

Music and personal development are central

Since my youth I had passion for music. My first piano lessons I received from Jeannette Bennebroek. After the high school I went to study at the conservatory in Maastricht with Joop Grubben and Barbara Grajewska. During my studies at the conservatory I worked for several years as a substitute piano teacher at the music schools in the region, and as pianist for choirs and soloists. After graduating in 1993 I started working as an self employed piano teacher and have been teaching with for many years now.After teaching for about 10 years, I noticed that my interest in the behavior of the students increased. If I better understand the student, I could better develop him/her. That’s why went studying psychology at the University of Maastricht. In 2013, I completed the Master Developmental Psychology, Specialization in Child Development.Through this study, teaching proved to be more and more coaching, approaching the student from his own strength. As a result, I achieved optimal results with a high degree of satisfaction with my students. In addition to regular students, I received young children, children with autism, and gifted children on lessons, which I was able to guide with equal success.After graduating with my master I started “Music Develops!” together with music teacher and stage keyboard player Léon Packbier. For Music Develops!, I develop lectures, trainings and workshops for contemporary music education, in which music is used to stimulate the development of children.In addition to teaching, I was increasingly asked for psychological advice and coaching regarding the daily functioning of both children and adults.From this development I focus on advising and coaching children and their parents/educators. To do this, I put in psychological interventions and coaching techniques to stimulate children’s behavioral development. In addition to the coaching techniques I have followed the training for children coaching.This has brought me to where I am now.


Bachelor Musician Education Piano (Conservatory Maastricht)

Bachelor Psychology (Maastricht University)
-Problem behavior in children and adolescents
-Clinical neuropsychology

Master of Developmental Psychology (Maastricht University)

Internship as psychologist at Adelante
– Audiology & Communication in Children

Child Coaching (training at CIVAS)
Family Therapy (training at CIVAS)
Masterclass Effective Guiding of child, student and client (Ida Stamhuis)

I am a member and examiner at the EPTA (professional association for piano teachers) and member of the NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists).

Roger Private

Together with my wife Nancy we have a lovely daughter Lisa. We spend a lot of time together with our family. We make trips, visit our friends, cultural events and we love to go on holiday, exploring other countries with their culture and nature.In short: for us, health, sharing happiness, freedom and personal development are central.