Piano Lessons

Every person is different. Therefore I adapt the piano education to the needs and abilties of the student. My program of education garantees a balanced technical and musical development. During my class I tune the motivation and the performance. First I work on the motivation. If the motivation is fine, I help the student to develop the skills from their own enterprise. The student tries to solve his task by himself and I adjust only when it is necessary to finish the task. This means that I can garantee everyone with a good motivation a maximum improvement.

Because of my psychological background and experience I can can go along with everyones personal development. I have teaching experience with very young children from the age of 5, teenagers and adults up to 80 years. Children with autism, ADHD and gifted children will get a good musical development with me.Piano lessons are good for the development of the brain. It improves the attention, memory, motor skills and cognitive skills at school. And piano lesson provides a better development of the personality.

For everyone

You have never played the piano

You want to learn to read notes and to learn to play piano. If you let yourself be guided by me, you decide the pace. I provide the motivation and teach you to play all styles of music you want. This of course using a learning plan tuned to you that tracks with the quality standards of EPTA.

Piano lessons for young children (from 5 years)

Young children get piano lessons with the newest piano course “Poco Piano” which has been especially developed for children from the age of 5. The child learns by coloring, pasting stickers, counting, clapping hands, drawings and colored music notation to make music in a fun way.

You can play the piano very well

You have had piano lessons for years and would you like to learn to play the famous works of famous piano composers. I teach you to play in the style of the composer. Your technical deficiencies are resolved and there is a lot of working on sound quality.

You want to become a pianist

You want to be trained to the entrance exam at a conservatory or participate in piano competitions. Then I will train you for both the piano and music theory entrance exam. To participate in piano competitions, as well as preparing for the entrance examination, I will challenge you to the limit. You learn to fight to achieve your ideals. If you give everything you of yourself can reach the maximum.

All Styles

You can learn to play different styles of music:

Classical Music Eg. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schuman, Chopin, Grieg, Debussy

Contemporay Piano Music Eg. Yan Thierssen, Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi

Pop Music All kinds of Pop Music suitable

Jazz Jazz arrangements, Boogie and Blues

Music Studio

I teach individual piano classes in my studio on a Yamaha U3 piano.

In my studio there is place to wait while your child is taking piano lessons.


At the end of every scholastic year, a students concert will be organized. The students show their improvements to each other and their parents, by performing pieces that they have practiced during the last months.The students will have the opportunity to play on my grand piano.


For every student who wants to know what his / her pianist and music theoretical level is, there is the opportunity to participate in the EPTA National Graduation Piano (LGP). EPTA Nederland is an association of professional piano teachers and pianists, with the aim of increasing the level of piano and piano education. The requirements of an EPTA degree exam, unlike the degree exams of local music schools, are the same throughout the country. This has finally been a standard so that everyone in the Netherlands at the same grade has the same level.
If the student wants to do an LGP exam, he will be prepared for both the practical and the theoretical part of the exam.