Youth and Family Coaching

My name is Roger Brakelé. I am developmental psychologist and youth and family coach, specialized in the professional guidance of upgrowing children and their parents.

Upgrowing children and their parents regularly have problems that reduces development, happiness or harmony at home. They can often solve these themselves. Sometimes they need help in solving these problems.

I help your child and your family to solve these problems, so that your child feels comfortable again and harmony returns into the family.

Feel free to contact me, so we can find out what I can do for your child and your family.

How do I work?

I help children and youth to get more insight into their own thoughts, feelings and talents, which makes them feel comfortable again.I also help families, where personal problems or quarrels continually disrupt the relationships within a family, to bring harmony back into the family.
Youth and family coaching offers solution-focussed support for behavioral development and for solving problems in the family.

I join with the child’s and the parents’ request for help without making a diagnosis. I focus on the solution, in stead of the cause of the problem. I also focus on communication, social skills and needs within the family.

With youth coaching, the child is central in the conversations. It is my task to help children and youth to explore their qualities and to teach them how to use their strengths in situations that they see as a challenge.

By listening carefully, asking the right questions and allowing children and parents to think about solutions, the answers come from theirselves so that they fit to the person, which can cause great change.

Family coaching focuses on the influence that family members cause on each other. My points of interest are the relationship between children and parents and the communication within the family,  and also the needs of each member of the family.

Youth and Parents

Youth and family coaching focuses on children from primary school (4 to 12 years), youth from secondary school and professional education (12 to 24 years) and their parents.

When can I offer help?

Solution Focussed

At performance anxiety / exam stress
If your child doesn’t feel comfortable
Help for child in divorce
If your child has separation anxiety
With a low or negative self-image
With anger, fear or sadness
If your child can not stand losing
If your child does’t listening
Problems with dealing with other children
With perfectionism
With overweight and underweight
In depression
Social Media or Game addiction
And much more…


At the intake interview we will discuss what the problmes are and what the child, parents or the family wants to achieve.

With youth coaching, your child’s request for help may differ from yours as a parent. In that case I will start with the request of your child first. After that we will discuss whether your request is still applicable. 

In family coaching support has the goal of improving the harmony in the family. We look at the influence that family members have on each other and try to find for a balance. Furthermore, communication within the family will improved and I will take everyone’s needs into account.

I use scientifically researched techniques and teaching methods. The sessions consist of a combination of solution-oriented therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation and positive psychology. Creative work forms are added to children, such as drawing, moving and role playing.

After a number of coaching sessions, an evaluation meeting will take place, in which we will discuss how things are going and what is possibly needed.

The appointments take place in the practice room at Roebroekweg 12 in Heerlen.

Costs Counseling and Coaching

Counseling€ 40,-30 min.
Youth Coaching€ 60,-45 min.
Family coaching€ 80,-60 min.

The rate includes 21% VAT, preparation and use of materials.
Rates for group coaching and coaching programs are available on request.
No referral from the general practitioner is required.


Roger Brakelé MSc.

Psychologist, Child and Youth Coach
Member NIP/ SKJ registered

Roebroekweg 12
6413CN Heerlen                                                    
+314551219684 or +31651620689