Piano Coaching

Piano-Coaching uses the piano as a tool to help you further in your development. For example, I look at the mental processes when you make music or study the piano. I discuss these mental processes and you will soon notice that you also use these processes in your daily life. Some of these can be limiting in your daily life. By providing insight into these processes, it is possible through playing the piano and studying to bring about changes that you would normally only receive if you would go to a psychologist.

The advantage is that you will be worked on your personal development in an accessible way. You will experience more balance as a result.

Examples are:

The way you study say a lot about how you deal with problems.
Becoming aware that tactile perception in piano playing is closely related to tactile perception in daily life.
Learn to listen to others and yourself.
Learn to plan.
Learning to express yourself emotionally.
Working on perfectionism.
Working on self-esteem.
Improve your perception.
Taking on the right challenges in giftedness.
Developing your personality in autism.
Learn to deal with feedback.
Enjoy what you do.
Being in the moment.
Learn to recognize structures.