I give piano lessons to everyone adapted to the wishes of the student.

You can take piano lessons with me:

If you’ve never played the piano and can’t read any notes.
If you already play the piano or if you want to become a pianist.
If you want to have a nice hobby.
If you want to learn to play your favorite music.
If you are open to music that you do not yet know.
If you want to learn to play classical, pop or jazz.
If you are young or old.
And you can also do piano grades exams if you want.
I also specialize in teaching students with autism and gifted people.
And I help students with fear of failure to overcome this fear of failure.


“Very professional way of teaching in a relaxing way! Recommended! The annual concerts are also great fun!”
2017 – Ed Offermans

“For more than 20 years, customers who have bought and / or rented a piano from Muziekhuis Guus Arons have been going to Roger, among others. keep students busy, stimulating and above all motivating. Roger can do this like no other!”
2011 – Jeroen Arons

“We are very satisfied with the piano lessons. Dewi has been playing for almost 2 years now and she still likes it a lot. Roger takes a good look at the child and ensures that there is always a challenge that is just not too high, which keeps it fun.”
2017 – Kimberly van Berne

Our entire family has had lessons with Roger. The oldest daughter with the most success; but also the most discipline! Roger still plays the piano with great pleasure.”
2017 – Anja Winkens

“Dear Roger, I had an unforgettable time with you during my piano lessons. I gained access to classical music through your discipline, learning to relax, forgetting everything around you and just playing the piano and concentrating the lesson! Always perfectly prepared, even meeting your favorite music preferences!”
2017 – Roger Römkens

“Since December 2009 Roger has been my piano teacher. He is a very good pianist and also has excellent didactic skills. I am free to make music choices and to develop in a direction that suits me best. Taking into account talents and shortcomings, Roger leads me to achieve my musical goals.This is done in a professional and enjoyable way.Every lesson turns out to be both fun and educational.Even if I haven’t had time to play the piano, the lesson is helpful Thanks to Roger the piano playing has improved a lot. In addition, my general understanding of music has deepened: a musical world is slowly but surely opening up. “
2011 – Paul Fieten

“After 30 years of not really playing the piano, I ended up at Roger 4 years ago. It convinced me to take lessons again. I still had the idea of getting lessons as it used to be. Studious scales and etudes, which I did not like as an adolescent and which made me quit. With Roger you will receive tailor-made lessons. You play what you like to play, and Roger never loses his temper. I therefore hope to be able to receive lessons for many years to come.”
2017 – Annemie Kivits

“Fun and educational lessons!”
2016 – Esra Bemelmans

“I had a very nice and educational time with Roger. From the age of 8 to 22 I took keyboard / piano lessons and they were always fun lessons. Roger knows what he is doing, very patient and explains everything well. Also choosing and playing your own music is no problem and that made it extra fun for me. My friend also wanted to play the piano and I recommended Roger .. he also loves the lessons and he never thought he was in that way. ” was able to play the piano in a short time .. We definitely recommend Roger! ”
2017 – Vera Speycken