Price List

Price List Piano Lessons 2023

Duration per week45 min.30 min.
Child per month (until 20 years)€ 135,00€ 90,00
Adult per month€ 163,35€ 108,90
Duration single lesson45 min.30 min.
Child per lesson (until 20 years)€ 45,00€ 30,00
Adult per lesson€ 54,50€ 36,50


It is possible to start or stop every month with piano lessons.
Registration starts from the first of the month.
You can stop the lessons from the first day of the following month.
The piano lessons take place in the music studio at my home, using a Yamaha U3 concertpiano or a Yamaha N1X hybrid vleugel.
The course fees for students aged 21 and over include 21% VAT.
The prices are without exercise books.
There are no lessons during the holidays/school vacations.
It is possible to pay per lesson or monthly.

Payment per lesson

If you pay per lesson, the above-mentioned rate applies to a single lesson.
If you do not take a lesson, you do not pay any tuition fees.
The lesson fee for a single lesson must be paid at the end of the lesson.
If you don’t cancel the lesson within 24 hours, I will charge the fee for that lesson.

Monthly payment

If you pay per month, you pay the above-mentioned monthly rate every month.
This is about 10% cheaper than taking separate lessons.
The prices per month are based on an annual rate of 40 lessons per year and divided into 12 monthly payments per year.
The has to be paid cash or by bank transfer to in the first week of the month in which the lessons take place.
Bank Account: IBAN NL05INGB0008458330 name Roger Brakelé
If the tuition fees has not been paid at the 10th of the month, no lessons will be given until the lesson fee has been paid.
Lessons that have been canceled at least one day in advance may be caught up at a later date that month.
If you cancel for 3 or more successive lessons, the lesson fee of the lessons not taken will be paid back.