Online Piano Lessons / Video Calling

If it is not possible to come to lessons, you can get piano lessons with video calling.

There are some conditions to this, which make it possible to receive good lessons:

Good Hardware

The quality of image and sound mainly depends on the quality of your Smartphone, tablet or laptop. The device with the best microphone and camera gives the best results.

The microphone of your smartphone, tablet or laptop is even more important than the speakers. The quality of your microphone determines how well I hear your piano playing.

Examples of smartphones and tablets that are excellent:
iPhones (from 6s), iPads (from 2017), iPads Pro, Samsung S (from S6), Samsung A (from A5) and Samsung Tab Pro. The top models of smartphones and tablets from other brands are also fine.

Good WiFi

It is important that you have a good WiFi connection. This is necessary to get a smooth picture and sound. Don’t be too far from your WiFi router. If you have your piano in a separate room, make sure that there is a good WiFi connection in that room. Buy a WiFi signal booster or a power over ethernet WiFi adapter.

Which apps can you use

Use Facetime if you have an iPhone or iPad for good picture and sound quality.

Use Skype if you have an Android (eg Samsung) smartphone or tablet. This app also has good image and sound quality and is also suitable for an iPhone or iPad.

Whatsapp Video is also possible, but the sound is less suitable for music. This makes the sound less good. For example, you cannot hear the timbre, pedal and dynamics (loud and soft) as well.


Use a tripod to properly aim the smartphone or tablet so that especially the hands on the keys and you are visible.

A smartphone tripod can be ordered online for approx. € 10.
A tablet tripod can be ordered online for approx. € 40.


The light must come from where your camera is so that it can illuminate you, your face, and the keys of the piano.
If the light comes from behind you in relation to the camera, the other person sees you dark and the environment is too bright.